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As domestic and international competition increases, companies are relying on technology to grow and develop their businesses. Here in Vietnam, companies are seeking software solutions and other technologies to reduce costs, optimize employee efficiency, improve management capacity, and create sustainable competitive advantages. IDS provides those solutions, working closely with clients to design and install systems that allow companies to best monitor and control their operations.


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IDS has a solid background in IT

With years of experience developing custom solutions and using cutting-edge information technologies, IDS has the knowledge and background necessary to provide clients with the best IT solutions. IDS creates IT infrastructures that help companies like yours to protect their assets, improve work performance, establish and protect competitive advantages, and allow managers to focus on the core values of their companies.

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IDS provides highly stable software solutions

IDS actively utilizes web-based cloud computing technology, allowing your business to:

  • Remain flexible, as the software is available anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce costs, as no administrator or installation is necessary
  • Reduce software errors, as the software is compatible with all equipment


IDS provides smart solutions with powerful features

Through continuous training in new technologies and industry developments, our teams relevant to best provide you with the most up-to-date technology solutions for your IT system needs. From the start, IDS works closely with each client to ensure that every stage of solution development meets the specific operational and management needs of the client.​



IDS system solutions are safe and efficient. Prior to the design, installation, and management of any IT system, IDS performs a system security assessment that detects any security risks in the system.

The future of a business depends heavily on the systems that support it. Your company’s success or failure may hinge on its IT infrastructure. IDS provides infrastructures that help big and small businesses achieve goals faster, operate more efficiently, and save costs

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System security assessment service 88%


System security maintenance service 76%


Overall security check up service 69%


Security emergency support services 97%



Some companies operate with little or no IT system. These companies often attempt to manage jumbled collections of files, each containing costs, revenues, or employment information. However, this method of data management is prone to security risks, and human error.

A simple issue can upset the company’s whole support system, and render the company vulnerable to competitors with stronger IT systems. Don’t be stuck like this. Work with IDS to design, install, and manage an IT system that works for you.

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